What will this world be like in the year 2220?

Nikhil Patil
4 min readSep 11, 2020

Let’s tie our seat belts today as we take you on a 2220 walk.

We have reached 2220. Remember, now the speed of the car we have is very fast and there is no need for any driver to run it. The accident has become negligible. All roads have become digital. The speed limit of each route has been set, no matter how much you try, your car will not run faster than the speed limit.

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If you cross your car anywhere, then you will not get a car there when you come back but it can happen right now, but at that time you will not be able to park your car on your own will.

All types of roads will be digital, roads will be along the 8-line, first-floor second-floor, the car will run through the tunnel.

Everything will be digital, from marriage to party, all the running of our lives will be in the hands of the robots. What we have to eat, what to wear, what time is the meeting, all our robots will manage, this robot will not be common.

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These robots will have the ability to think by themselves and will be able to make their decisions without telling us.

Crimes would have been reduced a lot, but a crime would have increased too much, that would be data security. You will hear the same news again and again that the data of the country was stolen by the hackers of the country because the entire country’s system will be in the hands of the computer.

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Who will do what, when the country will manage the supercomputer of that country, will manage the super robot of that country

All countries will spend a large part of their GDP in securing their country’s data.

Our world will have set its flag in space, it will be a few minutes for us to go to the moon, such rockets will be fully prepared for the traffic, which can be used any number of times, the current rocket can be used only once. can go

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There will be 10 times more trees than now, but despite this, the temperature of our earth will have increased a lot, now the human beings of this earth will have only one dream to go to another planet to live, we must have already found the planet and some population Must have reached Mars and will also start farming on Mars like a film

One of the things that are going on at the time of 2220 will be to make Mars worth living there, there will be various types of gases left, various experiments will be done so that we can leave our earth and we will live on Mars. You will also be able to make worth

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But there will be a war here because we will not have enough means to take all humans to Mars and our earth will be warm so no one would want to stay here

At that time no nuclear weapons trial will be done on this earth, for that, a planet will be selected in space so that we can save our Earth from radiation.

We will start using our sun’s very high energy, there will be a 24-hour electricity facility, that electricity will be prepared from sunlight, not from water. All types of vehicles will also run on electricity rather than diesel and petrol.

With video calling, we must have gone a long way and have come to the world of visualization, at that time we will find the one we talk to in front of us exactly as if he is sitting in front of us in reality, but in reality, he will be just an illusion.

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All the walls of the house will be digital, we will not need TV or LCD, all our walls will present for us

At that time, man must have made a lot of progress in the world, he must have forgotten that there is also something called God.

He will start believing everything, but only a few years after that man will become a slave of robots, he will have made his body completely doodle.



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