What is Google’s Fuschia OS?

Image Source: GSM Arena
  • This is the reason why Google is unable to update Android devices on time even if they want. Whenever Google issues an update, these companies first apply their skin to that update and then give the user update, which takes a lot of time in this process.
  • Android is not like Windows to keep the product updated for ten years after launch. Except for stock Android (without skinned, original Android), no device gets updates for more than 1–2 years.
  • Android was not only designed with smartphones in mind, but it was first designed for digital cameras!
  • While Android is based on Linux, the Fusia OS will be based on Zircon.
  • This OS is being written in C ++, Go, Dart etc., which is why it will support everyone, from smart bulbs to smart washing machines.
  • Google will be free to update it at any time, which will undoubtedly make it more secure.
  • Since it will be based on Flutter, almost all Android apps and games will work properly on Fusia OS.
  • It is still in its infancy, so not much information is available about Fusia yet.
Source: Mrwhosetheboss



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