The Windows Security that came to my Windows 10 is good for protecting my laptop?

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If you have a Genuine version of WINDOWS 10 and your Windows Defender is constantly updating, then you do not need any other anti-virus. Windows Defender is a constantly up-to-date native software that excels on almost all parameters compared to the highest-quality anti-virus.

When Microsoft undertakes to get you a substantial price for a Genuine Windows outright, it does not leave any security flaws for which you expect to buy a paid anti-virus separately.

The business of paid anti-virus has been around for a long time using non-Genuine Windows class because the pirated version had Windows Security and Firewall closed due to which they used to work. But in Windows 10, the Defender is woven with the entire ecosystem, so it keeps doing its work peacefully without affecting the RAM. Other tools will give you heavy items of cleaning in a bundle with anti-virus, but for that, you can use CCleaner directly for free which is fantastic and better than any bundle tool.

On the other hand, running two anti-viruses will also slow down your system and there will also be conflict among them which will cause unnecessary problems.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Paid anti-virus will jump like a monkey in the middle to repeatedly show itself

Get a full scan done. If not full, then I make it soft — if there is no good time, then you tell me the folder, I will give you a few folders. Are you busy? Do I do it in the background? What is it that the file was found?” I thought in your system, you will see that you have to quarantine it, delete it? No, I am not doing any special work, so I will not bother — I will keep doing it in the background, the firewall is mine, all the time your RAM will be eating little by little.

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If you want to do it, you can install Malwarebytes, available for free, besides Genuine Windows and Defender, I do not think there is any reasonable need to throw extra money.

Courtesy: Technical Guruji (Hindi)

However, if you want to see a good comparison, then see the link



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