On both trading Intraday and long-term, I make investments. Let’s talk to you about a few points.

A person will buy or sell a stock or contract in intraday trading in one single day, whereas long-term trading means buying today, where necessary.

Intraday trading expected returns 1–2% a day, while in Long trading, returns are generally anticipated at 2–3% a month. (Returns are subject to share price volatility)

Open Trading Account in India

The risk is high intraday, but the low risk of low returns in the long term also keeps money invested safely. …

A successful affiliate niche website takes many steps. Here are some of the principal learning skills and steps to create a profitable niche site.

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Niche and Competitor Study

The success of your affiliate site depends heavily on the level of market competition. It will take time before you can make a referral commission if you choose a niche that is overcrowded.

Keyword Research

You want to look at keywords suited to your niche, just like competition research. Get an idea of how many people in Google are searching for your niche and how difficult it is.


A lot of…

Fusia OS may become an alternative to Android in the future. The creator is none other than Google itself. Google has been continuously working on this since 2016. Let us know the main things related to this project-

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Drawbacks of Android:

By the way, almost all of us are using Android. But still Android has some shortcomings, which are described below-

  • Google does not have direct control over Android, all smartphone companies have their own skin (UI) on Android. Like — Xiaomi’s MI UI, Samsung’s One UI, etc.
  • This is the reason why Google is unable to update Android devices…

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Read the full article and get the smart tip in this article.

If you have a Genuine version of WINDOWS 10 and your Windows Defender is constantly updating, then you do not need any other anti-virus. Windows Defender is a constantly up-to-date native software that excels on almost all parameters compared to the highest-quality anti-virus.

When Microsoft undertakes to get you a substantial price for a Genuine Windows outright, it does not leave any security flaws for which you expect to buy a paid anti-virus separately.

The business of paid anti-virus has been around for a long time using non-Genuine…

Google has more regularly and modified the algorithm last year than ever before. We saw fantastic changes in the SERP every other week. Since the search ranking parameters are not so straightforward and are changing frequently, it is now important that we experiment more and try to reverse the Google algorithm as far as possible as online competition continues to increase and new sites are launched. Websites have to meet specific search engine criteria such as Google and SEO strategy is becoming very relevant in this regard.

You must consider the SEO trends on the horizon so that the website…

See, today there are millions of websites on the Internet, from which people take different types of information, but as you have asked, what is the most creative website of the Internet, which means that you want to know which website on the Internet is that which is creative.

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Let me tell you that not one such website is available on the Internet, but we will tell you some of those great websites, yes, you can call them unique, entertainment, creative, etc. So let’s know


First of all, we need to know that the internet we know or use constitutes only 4% of the entire web. The rest 96% is completely hidden, which we know as Dark Web or Dark Net.

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The dark web is the dark world of the Internet, where illegal activities around the world take place. But this is not the whole truth of the Dark Web. Actually it is more frightening and mysterious than we think.

If you want to know more about the Dark Web and Deep Web, then this article is especially for you. …

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About 51% of Internet users are not humans. 51% of internet traffic is caused by bots. This is why you see the “I’m not a robot” checkbox on many websites.

Let’s tie our seat belts today as we take you on a 2220 walk.

We have reached 2220. Remember, now the speed of the car we have is very fast and there is no need for any driver to run it. The accident has become negligible. All roads have become digital. The speed limit of each route has been set, no matter how much you try, your car will not run faster than the speed limit.

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If you cross your car anywhere, then you will not get a car there when you come back but it can happen right now…

Over the past few years, IoT has become one of the most vital technologies of the twenty-first century. Now that we can connect day-to-day objects kitchen appliances, cars, thermostats, infant monitors to the internet by way of embedded devices, seamless communication is feasible between people, processes, and things.

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By the potential of low-priced computing, the cloud, large data, analytics, and mobile technologies, bodily matters can share and gather records with minimal human intervention. In this hyper-connected world, digital structures can record, monitor, and alter each interplay between linked things. The bodily world meets the digital world and they cooperate.


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